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"Valentine Mylar Bears"
Includes 6 sweet bears and 6 word embroidery files,
along with instructions to make small gift sacks.
Charming Station Embroidery

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"Mega Combo Spring Bags1"
Get ready for Spring with these feminine bag designs!
There's a bag for each day of the week and a few extra!
Bargain Embroidery Store

"Grandmas Sweetheart"
Sweet stitches for your Valentine! For big girls,
toddlers and babies! For baby boys, stitch in blue.
Needle Little Embroidery

60% Off thru January
"Watercolor Morning Glory"
This morning glory set with hummingbird is very
natural looking. Perfect for linens, decor and more!

75% Off thru January
"Garden Sayings"
Plant seeds of hope, love, faith and more!
Lovely inspiration, and for all gardeners.

65% Off thru January
"Classic Rose Corners"
Lush rose blossoms and foliage corners! Stunning
on linens and so much more. For 4x4 hoop sizes.

"Valentine Mailbox" With Instructions
What a fantastic way to 'take delivery' of all those
Valentines you'll be getting! Oh so romantic!
SewAZ Designs

"Floreali Amour"
Lovely for romantic projects and Valentines Day, you
get these hearts, in 3 sizes each, for 5x5/6x6/8x8.
Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

35% Off Designs thru January, Including
"Western Applique"
YEE-HAW! Includes a cow skull, sheriff, boot, hat, rodeo
buckle, ox and wagon, wanted poster and Sheriff badge!
Hennessy Embroidery Designs

"Valentine Sucker Holders"
These Valentine Sucker Holders are quick and easy
to make. I am sure the children will love these.

65% Off thru January
"Colorful Flowers 1"
Use these beautiful blossom and foliage designs
to combine on linens, garments, jeans and more!

On Sale thru January
"At the Pond" +FREE Sample
Butterflies, frogs, mushrooms, flowers and a snail.
Fun alone, or combine to create whimsical scenes.

On Sale thru January
"Bugrat Angels Redwork"
Cute and full of love, this red work set comes with
7 designs, in 2 sizes each, for 4x4 and 5x7 hoops.

"Bluebird Lovebirds Mini Set"
Precious lovebirds, ready for Valentines Day and ready to
welcome Spring! For fashion and home decor in applique!
Needle Little Embroidery

"Valentine Cards Print N Stitch" +Instructions
Mix and match the designs in this set to create
fun Valentines that will be cherished forever!
SewAZ Designs

"Kiss the Cook His and Hers"
Pucker up for Valentines Day with this cute and quirky,
dimensional and fun applique. Kisses are guaranteed!
Needle Little Embroidery

35% Off Designs thru January, Including
Color Work "Gourmet Kitchen"
Cooks of all calibers will love this fun, multi-color
set, that features all sorts of foods and cooking tools.
Hennessy Embroidery Designs

"Hearts in Abundance"
Lovely, and when finished, is completely reversible.
Multiple sizes are included, along with instructions.
Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

In the Hoop "Mardi Gras Coaster"
Mardi Gras just got more fun! Use the designs in this
set to stitch out coasters for your party festivities.
Newfound Applique

"Beautiful Afrika"
Also includes an giraffe, tiger, lion, zebra, wildebeest,
rhinoceros and more. Fun to bling with crystals!
Bonnie Jean Rosenbaum Designs

65% Off thru January
"FSL Peace Signs"
Fun to stitch in white, or imagine them stitched
in a rainbow of colors, and turned into a mobile!

15% Off thru January
"Shadow Work Blouse Rada"
These designs are suitable for adorning existing garments
and textiles. Lovely on sheer fabric, knits and wovens too.

On Sale thru February 1st
"Vintage Chic" +FREE Sample
Beautifully elegant elements to arrange and rearrange for
creation of plenty of coordinated, embellished projects!

35% Off Designs thru January, Including
"Magical Cats"
PURR! Includes 2 BONUS designs with words! This
set is quick to stitch fun for feline fans! 4x4 hoops.
Hennessy Embroidery Designs

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